Express Balkans Service

'Value for money' service for your parcel

Deliveries to/from Bulgaria and Romania

Service Description

The efficient Balkan courier service from/to Greece to/from Bulgaria & Romania, which is available to anybody, with the guarantee of SPEEDY - one of the largest Balkans network. The service is provided with sender charge only from Greece to Bulgaria & Romania and with the recipient charge only from Bulgaria & Romania to Greece. For every order for a parcel from Bulgaria & Romania to Greece the customer should fill in the form on the website of DPD Greece ( which should include all the necessary details for the collection of the order.
You can easily query the shipment at all stages with track & trace web tool. Available for multiple-packaged shipments with maximum weight per package of 35 kg.

Volumetric Weight Charge

The charge for each shipment depends on the combination of size and weight (volumetric system of the International Air Transport Association ΙΑΤΑ). If the volumetric weight of the shipment is greater than the real actual weight (cases of light but voluminous shipments), then the charge is based on the volumetric weight and is calculated by multiplying the shipment’s three dimensions and then by dividing by 5.000.
Volumetric Weight (in kg) = (length) x (width) x (height) in centimeters / 5.000


The delivery time is 2 – 4 working days. For shipments, eligible for customs’ processing, with incomplete or on-existent address, or without contact information for the sender/receiver, as well as for door-to-door shipments, the estimated delivery time can be extended with 1-3 working days. In the case of exceeding the delivery time, DPD Greece does not have any liability for compensation.
The packaging of the shipment is a responsibility of the sender. Appropriate packaging is a guarantee for the security of the parcel.

Consignment Insurance

Every consignment, which is not classified as a prohibited good for transportation, is automatically insured for loss or damage as follows: Up to EUR 75 for documents and up to EUR 100 for parcels.
Additional Consignment Insurance - the following surcharge apply for the insurance of consignments: 1% of the insured value for parcels up to EUR 1500.
The Courier and Transport services as well as the charges that are mentioned in the present document are governed by DPD’s General Terms of Carriage and by the Charter of Obligations towards Consumers (COC), which are available on the web site

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