IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Geopost provides Information on Cybersecurity Incident


Geopost announces having identified a cybersecurity incident consisting of a recent unauthorized access to a database operated by its subsidiary in Spain.

After becoming aware of the incident, the company proactively informed the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) and the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), for the appropriate purposes, and promptly began an investigation with the assistance of cybersecurity experts.

This investigation allows to confirm that the compromised data is limited to those necessary for the provision of the transport service, i.e. name, surname, postal address, email address, and in certain cases, telephone number.

Geopost also confirms having taken, with its Spanish subsidiary, all the necessary measures to manage the incident and mitigate its impact, guaranteeing that our response has been immediate, and our security system reinforced. More specifically, the remediation measures include a range of security actions such as password renewals, formatting of affected devices, improvements in network security, real-time monitoring and improvements in the automation of response to suspicious events to protect our systems and information.

This case, which is not a ransomware situation, may lead to the use of the stolen data for spamming or phishing attempts. We therefore invite our senders or receiving customers to increase their level of precaution with regards to suspicious email or telephone calls from unknown contacts.

Interested parties are invited to contact the Data Protection Officer of Geopost SA through the email address [email protected] to answer your questions, expand on the available information or receive useful advice.