Express Balkans Service Options


Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) is an additional service for which DPD Greece takes the responsibility of collecting an amount of money from the receiver and delivering it to the sender. It guarantees to the sender that the goods are going to be paid, while the receiver will get the goods he is paying for. The service is valid only for parcels from Greece to Romania & Bulgaria. The C.O.D. amount will be transferred inside Greece within 6 workdays after the delivery of the shipment.


Every consignment, which is not classified as a prohibited good for transportation, is automatically insured for loss or damage as follows: Up to EUR 75 for documents and up to EUR 100 for parcels.
Additional Consignment Insurance - the following surcharge apply for the insurance of consignments: 1% of the insured value for parcels up to EUR 1500.